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Co-curricular activities and leadership training

We believe that there is an underlying link between a child’s academic pursuits and pursuits such as literary, scientific, sports and games, performing and fine art tuned with development of leadership skills. The school aims at all round development of the child. The House system, field trips and various clubs organized in the school enable the students to better their academic performance and develop the latent potentials. They are encouraged to organize meetings and cultural programmes according to their individual artistic taste and bring to the surface the inventive skills and histrionic talents lying dormant in them.
Extra curricular activities

  • Junior Red Cross, Scout and Guides
  • Karate, Band, Music, Dance
  • Skating
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Hand embroidery
  • Yoga
  • Gita chanting
  • Sports & Games
  • Field trip
  • Club activities (Literary club, Eco club, Health club, Maths club, Sports club etc.)